How to Get Started with Your Dream Remodeling Project?

Remodeling our homes can be one of the most exciting yet daunting things we can ever embark upon as a homeowner. Naturally, it comes with the excitement you feel because you’re going to remodel your homes in a way where it’s going to give your space more purpose. However, there can also be fear and nervousness, especially if you haven’t done this before or have no background in remodeling.

Although, there is no reason to fret because there are countless companies out there that can help you kickstart your dream remodeling project. Like us at the LaRocque Group—we help out our different clients all around Houston, and we make sure that their spaces are fully functional and that it serves the lifestyle they want to live.

Frankly, remodeling your homes can be imitated as a step-by-step process:

  1. The design feasibility studies.

First, you need to gather the exact measurements and plan that will outline the layouts and the various options you want to reach as your design goals. If you hire a company, you will most likely sit with their design team at their studio, and you will go over various floor plans that the team has decided.

This is also where you’ll decide on a budget, and this is where all the collaborations and revisions take place.

  1. The engineering.

Once you’ve agreed on a floor plan, then this is when an engineer should be called in. If you hire an engineer without a finalized floor plan, you will only have to redo all the work your engineer has done for you because the proper floor plan is not yet finalized. So it’s best to wait until you have your floor plan.

In this step, your engineer will make the final structural call-outs and calculations for your homes.

  1. The construction drawings.

Upon the end of the engineering phase, you will then have the design and the budget, and this is where the construction begins. During this point, the design company you’ve hired will create a set of plans ready for city submittal. It may take weeks for the information to be integrated into the final stage, but it’s a project that’s worth the wait.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to hire a trusted design team and a team that has worked on countless remodeling projects. Your homes are sacred, and you only need to hire someone you can trust and someone professional.

Luckily for our homeowners in Houston, Texas, we at the LaRocque Group are more than happy to offer our services to those starting their remodeling projects. We’ve done this many times before, and our team is filled with highly skilled and professional individuals who know what they’re doing.

So what are you waiting for?

Call us today at the LaRocque Group, and let’s start building the home of your dreams!

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