Things to Think About When Selecting the Right Kitchen Sink

Tips On Selecting the Right Kitchen Sink 

Undertaking a home improvement project burdens you with dozens of choices. From painting your interior to selecting a new kitchen sink, everything needs a lot of brainstorming and research. Well, in this article we have listed the important factors that you should keep in mind while selecting your kitchen sink. 

The Material

The first confusion begins with the material of the kitchen sink – whether it should be cast iron or stainless steel, composite or porcelain.

  • Stainless steel is a popular choice as it suits nearly every style and is durable. The metal can be scratched but can be smoothed out. Newer stainless steel sinks are easy to clean.
  • Porcelain sinks are attractive and work well in traditional-style kitchens. However, they need maintenance as they can chip or scuff easily.
  • Composite sinks are immune to scratches and chips, and they do not require much maintenance but are quite expensive.
  • Cast iron sinks are durable, less noisy, and come in several different colors.

The Configuration

We all grew up using a two-bowl sink as dishes were washed by hand, so people needed a washing sink and a rinsing sink. However, dishwashers are not needed nowadays, so you can have a little joy with your sink configuration. 

  • A single kitchen sink basin is attractive, offers a streamlined look, is versatile, and allows for a lot to go on at once.
  • Two basin sinks provide you the choice between – two equal-sized basins or two basins of differing sizes. 
  • Triple-bowl sinks give you two large bowls. These have a small basin in the middle for food prep.

The Style

A lot of designs of sinks are available nowadays like sinks with rounded corners, farmhouses, and self-rimming sinks. Here are some popular styles of sink:

  • The farmhouse sink – beautiful and makes a statement.
  • Self-rimming sinks – durable and affordable
  • Undermount sinks – create a seamless look from countertop to sink and easy to clean.
  • Integrated quartz sinks – quartz countertops, integrated sinks offer a unique, seamless look.
  • Prep sinks – secondary sinks that are often installed on the island

Make sure you select a remodeling company no matter what sink you are choosing. They will treat your home with care and will help you make the best decisions for the way you cook and live.

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