The Top Bathroom Trends to Follow Currently In Houston, TX

The bathroom serves as your private sanctuary where you prepare yourself for work or bed. If you are planning to undertake a bathroom remodel, you can adopt these trending designs that we have listed below and make a huge difference with the beauty and function of your bathroom.

Stylish Walk-In Showers
A walk-in shower is highly in demand in contemporary bathroom designs. You can opt for shower flooring, showerheads, benches, and glass enclosures. Additionally, you can also add a transitional area where you place a tub outside your walk-in shower.

Jacuzzi, not the Tub
Installing a jacuzzi instead of a tub provides a stellar design for your bathroom remodeling. You can get a spa-like experience with the added bubbling and change in water temperature to your evening bath.

Add More Windows or a Skylight
Another bathroom remodeling trend in Houston, TX is adding more natural light by installing more windows or skylights inside your master bathroom. This is a cost-efficient way of lighting up the interiors. Enjoy your bath with the brilliance of the sun or the stars.

Installing a steam bath inside your home is a worthwhile investment. It adds functionality and comfort to your master bathroom. A lot of bathroom contractors can help you get a Sauna in your bathroom. However, you must ask them how much they’d charge for it.

Heated Flooring
Heated flooring is a complementary feature for your steam bath where you can have its thermostat on your bathroom wall. You do not get cold feet after your shower or bath. Despite being expensive, heated flooding adds more functionality to your bathroom.

Sprinkle Some Entertainment Features
Nowadays many people in Houston, TX are opting for some entertainment features like a small television or cooler inside their master bath. You can grab drinks and watch movies while chilling in the tub. Installing a speaker adds a more relaxing vibe to your master bathroom.

Hanging Statement Mirror
Hanging statement mirrors have become a common bathroom remodeling trend in Houston, TX. This mirror comes in a unique shape and is placed in a different location from your standard vanity mirror.

Private Master Bath Toilet
Other bathroom remodeling trends include installing the toilet inside your master bath. This is important as many people require privacy while answering the loudest call of nature.

Bold Tiles
Nowadays people are choosing bold and exciting tiles instead of neutral colors. You can choose a color and pattern that sets the tone and expectation for your newly remodeled bathroom.

In Conclusion

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