Tips To Choose the Right Lighting For Your Bathroom

The light fixtures and placements that came standard in your bathroom likely aren’t doing an excellent job of improving the look and feel of your bathroom. In fact, they may not even be doing a good job which is to illuminate the bathroom. A ceiling fixture isn’t going to shine light in all the essential places of the bathroom.

Use these tips to illuminate your bathroom.

Ambient Illumination

Ambient illumination is the starting point of light in a room; it’s like the foundation. A central fixture in your ceiling often performs the magic and was probably installed when the house was built. Don’t think you have to go with whatever the builder installed, however. This is a great place to add style to your bathroom with a chandelier or other attention piece.

Task Lighting at the Mirror

Your bathroom mirror is where you see what your face looks like each day. And if the only lighting you have in that location is recessed ceiling fixtures, you’ll be battling face shadows as you attempt to groom and make up for the day.

Task Lighting for the Shower

You may or may not need additional lighting for your shower. If you have a glass door, you can probably get by without an additional fixture. But if you don’t, a recessed light in the shower will help you see what you’re doing.

Accent Lighting

The right accent lighting can really improve the spa-like quality of a bathroom. Strip lighting under wall-mounted cabinets creates a beautiful floating effect. Focus the light on a piece of art to create a luxurious feel in the bathroom.

What Bulbs Should You Choose?

White light is best for seeing your skin tones accurately. Halogen bulbs are costly but last longer than standard incandescent bulbs. Choose opaque or frosted bulbs instead of clear bulbs to avoid shadows.

LED bulbs are more substantial and consume less power than other bulbs. They’re perfect for use in the bathroom because they are not affected by humidity, and they don’t emit a lot of heat. Choose cool white/bright white or daylight bulbs.

Consider a Dimmer

You may have a dimmer in your living room, dining room, or bedroom, but have you considered installing one in your bathroom? Dimmers allow you to control the feel and mood of the room. If you’re stumbling to the bathroom bleary-eyed at night, a dimmer can be very useful, so you don’t strain your eyes with too much light. If you’re relaxing in the tub after a long day, a dimmer can give you a relaxing mood and feel to enhance your experience.

How About a Skylight?

A skylight adds natural daytime light that may mean you don’t even need to use your bathroom lights during certain hours of the day. A skylight or an additional window can flood the room with light, while visually opening up space.

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