What Is an Open-Concept Kitchen?

There are a lot of trends nowadays, and one of them is the Open- Concept Kitchen.  What is the rave all about and what is this kitchen style that’s dominating the home plans and magazine recommendations?

The Open-Concept Kitchen

Traditional home kitchen layout separates each room in the house distinctly with either walls or partitions, the opposite of what the open-concept kitchen is about. 

An open-concept kitchen is directly attributed to the lack of barriers within the kitchen and surrounding areas which usually extends to the dining room and living room. This one large space created by this kitchen style is often called “the great room.”


  • An open-concept kitchen makes your space look larger. With it connecting different house areas such as the dining room and living room without walls, it feels like your space has been freed up and more accessible.
  • Brighter space. Without walls and barriers blocking the space, natural light can pass through the windows from the other rooms to the kitchen, providing a brighter space with a more beautiful ambiance.
  • Allows a sense of togetherness. Having an open-concept kitchen provides families a chance and feeling of togetherness. Parents who are cooking in the kitchen can still look out for their children in the living room; conversations can carry on because you are not trapped or separated by walls.


  • Enhanced Noise. It can be quite noisy with people doing different things in different areas at once without walls or barriers to break up the sounds.
  • Kitchen clutter on display. Not a major issue if your kitchen is always squeaky clean, but unfortunately it isn’t always the case. 
  • Less storage space. That one kitchen wall down could have your extra storage space if not for the open kitchen. 

As with every option, there are always pros and cons. It is up to you whether you want something or not. If you are interested in having an open-concept kitchen, it is best to consult with professionals like The LaRocque Group.

Start planning for your ideal kitchen, today!