Three Reasons to Move to Spring, Texas

Houston is probably one of the most popular and metropolitan cities in the entirety of the United States of America. It’s no wonder why many urban professionals would want to move here and experience the city’s beat and culture for themselves. Although, with the popularity that Houston has, comes quite a hefty price tag. So if you’re looking to work and experience the city’s vibe, what’s the best thing you can do?

Luckily, Houston is surrounded by nearby suburbs that offer a bit of a cheaper price range and a quieter lifestyle than in the city center. There are cities like Humble, Kingwood, and the crowd favorite, Spring.

If you haven’t heard of Spring, then you’re seriously missing out because this is a city that’s historical, quaint, and it’s near enough to Houston, so you can still have the best of both worlds. So if you’ve been considering buying a property around Houston, then Spring is your best bet. We’ll tell you why in these three reasons:

1. Spring is a historical city.

In the beginning, Spring was initially established as a trading post. Then by 1840, it had already been a town with 153 residents. Most of the early settlers in Spring were immigrants from Germany, and they also benefited from the railroad lines around the city.
If you’re someone who takes delight in history and in getting to know the place that you’re living in, then Spring would be the best option for you. There are attractions in Old Town Spring that can give you a glimpse of what life was like back in the day. It’s a beautiful city with a beautiful story to tell, and you just have to go and see it for yourselves!

2. The nature surrounding Spring is one-of-a-kind.

There are people who crave the buzz of the city but also need to be in nature. If you’re one of these people, then living in Spring is your best option. Not only will you be close enough to Houston, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the beautiful sceneries surrounding Spring.
There are places in the city like the Mercer Botanic Gardens, the Spring Creek Greenway, and Hart Pundt Lake that you can go to whenever you feel like you just need a bit of fresh air. Honestly, the list is endless, and there are so many things that this beautiful city has to offer.

3. You’ll be able to live the best of both worlds.

As we’ve mentioned before, being able to live in Spring while constantly being near Houston will give you the best of both worlds. Being a new homeowner is a bit scary; that’s a given, but knowing that the home you’re going to be purchasing is worth it can give you solid satisfaction.
No matter what your budget may be, Spring caters to many different people from diverse backgrounds. There are homes in various areas in the city that run for as low as $100,000! So if you’re thinking of purchasing your first home, then Spring could be a great place to invest!

There are cities like Spring that thrive with people who aim to live in both nature and metropolises. If this is you, then you have to see what this city has to offer. All you have to do is go for a quick look and see if you’re going to like the place’s vibe. However, we can guarantee you that everybody who says they’re just “going to look” ends up never leaving because Spring has a type of magic that makes people feel at home.

If you think you’re ready to take the next step, then we at the LaRocque Group would be more than happy to guide you through the process of building your new home. Reach out to us to schedule an appointment or to get a quote! We can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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