The Remodel Process in The Woodlands: Getting Started

Are you someone who is getting started in the remodeling process in The Woodlands? Well, this will act as the ultimate starting guide to what you should be doing. People have a hard time determining what should be the steps to getting started with the process.

Let us start with the first step of the remodeling process. Ideally, you should be starting with the ‘Design Phase Contract’. This is perhaps the document which will help you determine what should be your course of action. It covers all the steps, which will prove to be instrumental in order for you to make the best decision. So, what should the Design Phase Contract ideally contain? Here are the most important elements that you should look out for:

  1. Feasibility Studies: The design company starts by gathering the measurements and laying out the plan. This plan contains the layouts and the various options that the team thinks will accomplish the goals of the clients. This step needs to be collaborative and clients need to spell out their goals of reconstruction to chart out a feasible plan. The budget of the plan needs to be analysed with respect to the goals sought to be achieved.
  1. Engineering: The engineering team is called in after the floor plan has been decided upon. Therefore, do not call for an engineer unless a floor plan has been finalised upon. This may end up in you paying for services which need to be done again. The design team calls up their engineer and the client does not need to be bothered for the same. The engineer analyses the floor plan and makes all the strategic calculations. The advice of the engineer is monumental to decide upon the budget of the project. Once the final word of the engineer kicks in, the homeowner can have a genuine idea as to how much the remodel is going to cost.
  1. Construction Drawings: So, when the engineering phase comes to a close, the homeowner has a fair idea of the cost of the remodel. They also have a working design that the team is ready to proceed with. After this, the designing team will end up drawing out plans which are submitted to the city for approvals. This process takes a bit of time. These plans are collated into a final set of build ready plans.

In Conclusion

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