The Latest Home Improvement Trends In Houston, TX

Home improvements add a fine addition to the resale value of your home. Currently, homeowners are opting for renovations that yield the highest rate of return. Many experts say that making home improvements can increase its value and marketability – especially when it’s time to sell. Additionally, home renovations are a fresh break from the same-old furnishing of your house. So, wondering what are some of the latest home improvement trends in Houston, TX? Well, allow us to elaborate:

  1. End of Kitchen Segregation
    Earlier, home designers and floor planners used to separate the kitchen from the main living room. However, in the modern era, “open kitchens” are one of the most requested renovations.
  2. Outdoor Living Areas
    Nowadays residents are realizing the need for outdoor living areas with upscale features such as outdoor kitchens, BBQ grills, fire pits, remote automatic screens for enjoyment, and much more. New home remodeling trends also feature operational glass walls that open the home’s interior spaces to the backyard to get a touch of nature inside the home.
  3. Going Unconventional
    Home designers and renovation specialists use a combination of newer designs and older styles in building materials. For example, they use modern composites with old barn wood and rustic wood-beamed ceilings.
  4. Walk-in-shower
    The tub/shower combination has been a long part of traditional home designs. Nowadays, homeowners are looking for options including a walk-in shower.
  5. Light Flooring
    Residents are opting for white, cream, or gray-colored flooring instead of older dark wood colors. Also, they are choosing lighter colors for cabinet colors, trims, countertops, woodwork in libraries and home offices.
  6. Bold & Earthy Colors
    Contemporary home designs, stone colors like emerald, ruby, and sapphire are popular for painting walls. Additionally, many homeowners are choosing muted and intimate wallpapers as well.
  7. Green & Energy Efficient
    Eco-friendly and energy-efficient home renovations have become a prominent part of our daily lifestyle. Homeowners are using Energy Star appliances that are more energy-efficient. They have shifted towards cost savings and the ideology that the environment will benefit future generations.
  8. A Place for Everyone
    Home improvements have started taking into account features that might be needed in the future. People are opting for widening doorways for wheelchairs, substituting older carpets for suitable flooring that is less likely to cause tripping, helpful grab bars in the bathroom and bathtub, replacing tubs with showers, and much more.

In Conclusion

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