The Latest Bathroom Remodeling Trends in Houston, Texas

Before going for a full-on bathroom remodeling, it’s best to do initial research on Houston, Texas’s latest bathroom remodeling trends. Not only will this apply to Houston, but it can also apply to those who would want to remodel their bathrooms all around the country.

Doing initial research will give you a better grasp of the best materials or the budget you’re going to prepare. This can also give you a better understanding of what the latest bathroom remodeling trends are. Naturally, if you have an older home, then you might want to have it updated. If you also have a newer home, but you feel like the design is not working anymore, it’s also best to have it remodeled. So what are the latest bathroom trends in Houston, Texas?

1. Ditching the bathtub for a stylish walk-in shower.

Nowadays, most homeowners are deciding to ditch the bathtub for a more stylish walk-in shower. If your bathrooms have more limited space, ditching the bathtub is a more sustainable way to use the space you currently have. Plus, opting for a walk-in shower is not only stylish, but it’s economical as well!

2. Adding more windows for more light.

One of the most energy-efficient bathroom remodeling trends these days is adding more windows in your bathrooms. Not only will this make your bathrooms airier and lighter, but it can also give it more natural light without having to spike up your electricity bills. This is a great trend to have in your bathrooms, especially if you do like bath times and always want your bathrooms to be light and airy.

3. Hanging a statement mirror.

Adding a statement mirror to your spaces will not only give a bit more of a character to your bathrooms, but it can also liven up the space where you’ll put it in. Naturally, you’d need a mirror in your bathrooms, so why not add more of a personality to your bathrooms by hanging a statement mirror?

4. Using bold tile designs.

Using different and bold tile designs is all the rage now. Gone are the days when you’ll simply want a neutral tile because bolder tile designs give more of a character to your spaces. Plus, it’s a great statement to whoever will set foot in your bathrooms!

5. Adding some ornamental plants.

In order to lessen the dullness of your bathroom, we suggest adding ornamental plants to liven up the space. This is an excellent idea since plants can release more oxygen, and it can make your bath time a bit more enjoyable and relaxing. It’s also best to put plants like eucalyptus in your spaces since it can give off a fresher smell that won’t require any more air freshener. It’s basically a win-win!

These are simply some of the latest bathroom remodeling trends in Houston, Texas. If you’re trying to decide if going for a bathroom remodeling is for you, then you might want to see if these trends will match your personality. If not, it’s always great to set a new trend yourselves!

Once you’re ready to set some new trends and once you’re ready to remodel your bathrooms, then don’t hesitate to call us at the LaRocque Group. We’re more than happy to bring your visions to life. Call us today to set up an appointment and to get an estimate!

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