Keep Your Pets Safe During a Home Renovation

There are a lot of factors to consider and think about home when home remodeling, one of them is your pets’ safety. Pets are family too, thus, you need to make sure that your animal friends are comfortable with whatever is happening and will happen in your homes.

If you are sensitive to noise, dust, and dirt, then so are your beloved pets.

Here are some tips on how to keep your pets safe during your home renovation:


During remodeling, certain types of glues, paints, or aerosol may be used which are harmful to birds. Birds are sensitive animals that need proper ventilation to be healthy. You can keep them in a separate room away from these materials but some of the particles may still reach them. Using a good quality air purifier can help solve this issue.

Aquatic Animals

Like with the birds, fish and aquatic animals can be directly affected by those glues, paint fumes, and other chemicals that may be used during renovation. Fumes and toxic chemicals present in the air may come into contact with the aquarium water and mix with it possibly changing the pH level which can be harmful to them. Relocating them to a separate room with an air purifier is the best option.

Dogs and Cats

Unfamiliar smells, noise, unknown people moving around the house can cause fear and panic among pets. If you are renovating a certain area in the house, it is better to put your furry friends in a separate room where they have a source of food, drink, and entertainment. 

If they have anxiety or a history of it, it is better to send them to a friend or family’s house or even a pet care center instead of being cooped up in a room where they will be distressed.

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