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What to know before building the guest house

Developing families, multi-generational families and mortgage holders simply searching for more space or maybe rental pay are all pushing the movement to build guest houses. The reasons for building them are many and there are a lot of advantages to taking on an undertaking that finishes up with the expansion of new and highly functional living space.

From “granny flats” to “granny condos” to “terrace cabin,” the guesthouse passes by numerous names since they have so many uses, which is perhaps one of the greatest advantages of building one – there is only a ton you can do with it.

Things to consider before building a guesthouse

Before you venture into building a guest house, you need to find out about the legality and the illegality involved in your area, because different rules on guest houses exist depending on where you reside. You should also make sure you aren’t living in a subdivision where the landlords association doesn’t allow guest houses.

Because it’s “just” a guest house doesn’t mean this is not a serious project, because it’s like any other construction job that involves permits and strict adherence to construction guidelines. Working with an architect, a designer or a building contractor can get you through the planning stages with ease.

You also have to take into consideration if your guesthouse might block your desired view. You need to visualize how the addition of a new structure in your backyard is going to impact your surroundings.

The pros and cons of having a guest house on your property

Good designers and planners consider the pros and cons of a project before taking the project to the next level and embarking on a guest house venture definitely needs to consider thinking about the pros and cons.

The most obvious advantage is that you’re gaining extra space, which can be used in any number of ways. The most obvious “con” is that this project is going to cost you some money. Let’s look at some other things to consider before getting started.

Top advantages of building a guest house

Guest homes range between 600 and 1,500 square feet, on average which is enough of room to offer you many options in how you’ll use it. The following are some of the most commonly held advantages:

Additional living space

Whether you’re using it to get returns on investment, a place for the in-laws to reside or for family entertainment, additional living space is a huge benefit to having a guest house built on your property.

Comfortability of private space allows guests feeling more like they are at home

You want to delight your guests and family, but you don’t want to use your personal apartment to achieve it.  Guest home is perfect for that, but also gives you great access to your visitors while offering them the comfort they can’t find in a hotel.

Privacy and safety to escape for a relaxing moment

Everyone craves a little peacefulness once in a while, but not many can claim it is practical for them to make that escape somewhere far from home. Walk out your back door to your guest house and suddenly you’re transported to a happy place where you can get a break from the norm.

At Larocque group, we can guide you on what to do before building a guest house.