Washed out laundry room? Check out these ideas

If you have a laundry room, you might be one of the numerous individuals who don’t like spending much time than should be expected. Most laundry rooms consist of a washer, dryer, and very little else, so there’s no motivation to do anything important before deserting the space. However, no is the time to change a bit. An ever-increasing number of individuals are beginning to assume the venture of laundry room design, so the zone in their homes is satisfying and, therefore, will look welcoming for the individuals who live there. Our team at LaRocque Group handled a lot of inquiries relating to the laundry room decoration. In case you’re searching for particular solutions to your inquiries or thoughts, we’d like to share 5 of those thoughts for the laundry room design that you might consider.


Walls Create Atmosphere

How often have you strolled into a laundry room and noticed best-case scenario nonpartisan paint or an old, bland backdrop? It doesn’t make a positive, enticing environment. Any individual who chooses to get into laundry room decorating must ensure that they focus on the dividers by adding some life to them. This should be possible from various perspectives, yet it’s significant for the general use of the room.

Save Yourself Space

In case you spend more energy in a laundry room doing things other than washing your clothes and evacuating them, you might want to spare yourself some space for arranging your apparel, collapsing garments, pressing, or draping things on a drying rack in any event. Your laundry room configuration should incorporate the capacity to utilize some open space for these tasks.

Remember the Lighting

Another problem many people have noticed when walking into a laundry room is poor lighting. Your laundry room should include lighting that is bright enough for you to see what you’re doing but soft enough to be pleasing and comfortable.

Flooring Considerations

There are few absolutes when it comes to home decorating, but one of them is that your laundry room design should not include a carpeted floor. 

There is too much water present at any given time. Though, it would help if you think of a floor with some warmth, whether that’s some form of colorful tile or hardwood.  

Shelving and Storage

It will help if you make evaluations of various things. Some of these items need to be kept out of reach of kids who may wander in there. A lot of storage space and shelving in your laundry room may also help, so make sure that you maximize that part before you begin your work.


If you have any other questions about your laundry room decorating project, contact our team at LaRocque Group anytime, our representative will get in touch with you ASAP.