Tips for Tiny Bathrooms – Houston, TX

If you have a small bathroom and would love to bring that touch of elegance and comfort into your bathroom, here are a few tips that could add some much-needed style:

1.Strategic Lightning

A bathroom should have adequate light for appearance.

Natural light has its benefit, but if your bathroom has no windows, you still have a number of quality options for illuminating the dark spaces.


Custom Master Bathroom


2.Minimize your Decoration Aspirations

Let the quality of your fixtures, materials, and style shine. Because adding additional decoration can make the room look more cluttered and congested.



3.Rethink Storage

You might think that a bathroom doesn’t need storage space, but it’s important to keep your toiletries out of sight, in a closed compartment.

  • Keep your essentials close – extras like spare towels, cleaning supplies, additional toilet paper, and tissue boxes can be moved to a nearby hall or bedroom closet.
  • Try using a floating vanity in order to maximize your bathroom space. A floating vanity puts more visual space into the bathroom, allowing the area to feel larger than it is.
  • Embrace a ledge beneath your mirror and above your sink. This can be a great place to keep your toothbrush, hairbrush, and other small things when you don’t have enough drawer or cabinet space.


custom bathroom room


4. Be careful with Patterns & Contrast: You can fall in love with a tile pattern with intricate design, but keep wall and floor designs simple in small bathrooms with defining points of contrast to make it look more spacious.


custom bathroom room stand alone bathtub

Finally, when remodeling your small bathroom, just go with your own taste and ideas that reflect your style.

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