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You’ve got your work done and procured the ideal contractual worker for your Houston Home Remodel. Presently you are prepared for demolition. Wrong! Do you want toxic construction dust living in your air conditioning pipes for quite a long time to come? Would you like your cherished pet to escape during the redesign? Or on the other hand what about a punctured tire each day you go out? Well if not, you better read on to see how you can save a tremendous amount of time, money and energy. You also won’t get divorced! Don’t leave this over to your contractual worker, except if obviously, your pet dog Spot isn’t that critical to you.


It’s a good idea to post signs on jobsites to remind everyone on-site of the essential rules of your home. Highlighted below are some of the most common messages. Talk to your contractor about what is important to your family.

  • Safety – Always place a sign that warns of dangerous conditions.
  • AC Warning Signs – It is critical your air conditioner not run during the rebuild. That’s right, even here in scorching hot Texas. If you turn on the ac, the return will suck up the toxic particles right into your ducting system where they will live for many years. Make sure your contractor notifies the staff, family, and places signs warning everyone to turn off the ac.
  • Pet Care Signs – We all know pets are part of the family. It’s important to bring attention if your pet is an escape artist or might freak out at the sign of a tradesman.
  • Lock Up Signs – A simple reminder to lock all windows and doors before you leave can save a lot of stress later.

There must be a safe place to store and organize your project materials. A common practice is to put your items somewhere on the ground. As a result, the contents are damaged and lost. Installing a large metal shelving unit will keep the materials off the ground and organized. It’s also crucial to label the materials so everyone can locate them. Make sure your contractor starts the project after all the materials have been procured, checked for accuracy and quality, labeled, and placed on a metal shelving unit.

There must be a safe spot to store and arrange your task materials. A typical practice is to put your things someplace on the ground. As a result, the contents are destroyed and lost. Introducing an enormous metal racking unit will keep the materials off the ground and sorted out. It’s additionally vital to name the materials so everybody can find them. Ensure your contractual worker begins the task after all the materials have been procured, checked for accuracy and quality, named, and set on a metal racking unit.


It’s advisable to post job information on-site, so it’s accessible to all trades at all times during your Houston Home Remodel. The critical thing to remember is that the information you post is accurate and up to date.

  • Job Plans – CAD, Work Orders
  • Materials Specifications
  • Job Schedule
  • All Contact Information – Client, Inspector, Trades
  • Mechanical Layout of Property – Denote water shut-off, gas shut-off, and the electric panel.
  • Safety Requirements

The more you plan for peace, the less you bleed in war. Rebuilding is a battle that you win by arming yourself with the right tools. If you have the following items on-site during your Houston Home Remodel, you can rest easy.

  • Magnetic Nail-Roller – This little guy cleans up all the hidden nails on your driveway and the street. Make sure your contractor uses this daily.
  • Fire Extinguisher – It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Water Main Shut-Off Tool – A water leak treated immediately is not a significant issue. It becomes a catastrophe when there your contractor did not supply a water main shut-off tool.
  • 1st Aid – It’s always smart to keep a good bit of medical supplies on your jobsite.
  • Dust Masks – Wear dust masks at all times.
  • Goggles – Wear protective eyewear during construction.


Protect your home, family, and your experience. Every jobsite must have posted permits and be kept covered, clean, and safe. Display all vital job information along with the essential rules of your home. Keep your materials organized and secure. All these ingredients make one happy family!

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