Outdoor living trends of 2020

As we step into a brand new decade, it’s a great time. We look forward to the future of outdoor design and trends. If you’re considering starting a landscaping project soon, then look no further! Here’s a comprehensive and brief list of trends for next summer. Let’s work closely on your outdoor living space to get it to summer-ready with these outdoor trends of 2020.

  1. Versatile and ergonomic furnishings

Consider using hanging furniture that’s modular and dynamic – think classy hammocks and stylish hanging sofas.

  1. Organic materials

The outdoors is our natural environment, check out for organic materials in your outdoor furniture and look for a color match in accessories; taupe, brown, grey.

  1. Minimalism

Less is more – White can be the main color with brushed aluminum material and accessories to provide that pop of interest you’re searching for.

  1. Outdoor kitchen

You need more than a Solo BBQ. You can build and extend your kitchen to your patio, incorporate a wine cooler, and maybe a pizza oven.

  1. Succulents

The succulent revival is now, no longer stuck in the old times, these low maintenance plants are here to provide excitement.

  1. Flexible family gardens

Planter boxes with room to grow with your kids, providing a long term project they can be proud of. Fill them up with greenery that will give an aesthetic bonus to soften some of your design edges.

  1. Functional spaces 

The main secret to designing in 2020 trends is a celebration, and your space should look great and work even better. Spaces that can be used for cooking, dining, and relaxing will stand out.

  1. Outdoor fireplaces

Outdoor rooms are a hot trend and should be designed for yearlong use, so look to install an outdoor fireplace or fire pit that matches your aesthetic.

  1. Darker color palettes

Stepping into the roaring 20’s look for charcoal grey or even darker. This gives the illusion of space and is a great way to modernize your place.

  1. Stripes

Stripes don’t have to be reserved for furniture, a view to creating contrast with lines of color, or even textures. 2020 is all about defining spaces, and stripes will help you accomplish this.  

  1. Mixed materials

Are you looking to compare materials this year? Cement and oak, wicker and aluminum, copper, and birch. Huge wraps of particular materials are out, and clean lines and assortment are in.

  1. Shade umbrellas

Premium outside umbrellas is an ideal approach to boost your usable open air space. Cantilever umbrellas are suitable for your family space.

  1. Lighting

LED technology has brought forth a new age of design – use custom LED lighting to highlight the features of your outdoor space, with any color you want—strips of light along your edges or spotlights to highlight parts of your outdoor design.

Are you looking for creative advice? Get in touch with our LaRocque Group specialist today, and you’ll get the hip look you’ve always wanted.