DREAM, DESIGN, BUILD – Our Process and What to Expect Before, During, and After Your Remodel

Ready to renovate a space in your home? Let The LaRocque Group walk you through what it takes to turn your kitchen or bathroom into a place you will love for years to come.


Turning your dream into a reality is an exciting process. We know the time, effort and resources it takes to get to this step and we are just as excited to walk along with you on this journey. Our client’s matter from the start of the project, which is why we begin any project asking these four questions – What, When, Where, and Why — and plan the How from those specifics.

Spending quality time in the Dream phase allows us to fully grasp your needs and wants in order to build you a space that you and your family can enjoy for years to come. We determine how your wants and needs intersect with the overall budget and finalized the scope of the entire project. We can then provide solid guidance on how to bring your dreams to life, through suggesting ideal materials and finish selections that align with your tastes, the quality you desire, and your budget.


In order to ensure that our clients receive the outcome they desire, we begin the planning process in house, with our team of professional designers, draftsmen, and engineers. We focus on creating a floor plan that fits your needs, and send you to our partner showroom for a personal designer experience as well as offering access to multiple vendor showrooms to guarantee we find everything you want and need for your new space.  All of your selections are entered and approved in our project management system, Co-Construct, that you have access to throughout the design phase to make certain nothing is missed.

Once our draftsman’s renderings are approved, we will move to engineering for foundation and structural plans. If you have a set of plans already, we can assist in getting those engineered for you as well.

After all plans, engineering, and selection decisions are finalized we will issue a final proposal and contract for your project and move into your build phase.


Decisions are made, contracts are signed, and it’s time to build! Each build timeline is unique, but our management team will walk with you every step of the way to ensure you have all of the answers you require.  You will love using our system Co-Construct here as well, as we will share up to date time lines and bench mark goals for your project schedule, as well as manage all communications on the message board and all change orders seamlessly through the change order feature…you will love this tool that we have purchased just for you.


Before beginning a remodel project, one of the biggest items to determine is your budget. Having a solid budget in mind, and communicating this with your builder, helps us better help you during the Dream and Design phases to come to a final project scope that you will be comfortable with and excited about.

Another thing to take into consideration is the inconvenience of having “strangers” in your home during the build phase. Mentally preparing to have a “house guest” nearly every day for a period of time is a must in order to make it seamlessly to the final product. Getting to the finish line is just as important to us as it is you, so regular onsite work and communication is a must. We do our best to limit our activity and staging to the areas that we are working in and commit to keeping the job site clean, so your home stays safe and livable for you and your family.  You will discuss “working hours” with your project manager, and know that we will honor those for you unless otherwise noted or agreed upon by both parties.

Lastly, just know we desire more than anything, for you to love your new space or home.  It is our passion to see families love their homes, and our pride to be chosen to be a part of making that happen.  Remodeling is tough, we don’t kid ourselves or our clients. With a great attitude, constant communication, and first-class commitment we will succeed at building your dreams with you as well.


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