Bathroom Renovation: Bathroom vs. Shower

If you’re deciding that your bathroom life is over and needs to be upgraded, one of the key choices you should make is whether you need to go with a stroll in the shower or a standard bathtub. You may have your own personal preferences, but what are some of the factors you ought to consider before deciding? Here are a few inquiries to ask yourself before you continue with your bathroom redesigning venture.

How Much Space Does My Bathroom Have?

Bathrooms average about 40 square feet, with a bathtub taking up around 15 square feet of that space. If your bathroom currently has a tub and is too confined for more than one person at a time, a walk-in shower might be a good alternative. Showers generally require less space and can open valuable square footage that can be used for other alternatives.

How Long Do You Expect to Be in Your Home?

While it may be enticing to tear out that old tub and supplant it with a stroll in the shower if there’s a possibility, you should move sooner rather than later, you might need to reconsider your plan. Real estate professionals will advise against evacuating a bathtub since it might eliminate families with young children as potential buyers. In any case, if your home has a second restroom with a tub, don’t hesitate to go with a shower.

Is Water Usage a Concern?

With more efficient shower heads available these days, a shower will usually use about 20 gallons of water compared to 30 for a bath. This can result in significant water and energy savings over the course of a full month.

What is Your Budget?

Replacing a bathtub or transforming a bath to a shower is more affordable than total shower rebuilds and perhaps exactly what your washroom needs to give it an update. Furthermore, recall time is money. With a tub or shower replacement, the project is usually completed in a couple of days in contrast to a complete washroom redesign venture that may take weeks.

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