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4 Renovation tips for busy moms in the Memorial area and Houston, Texas

We wanted to give a shout out to all of the outstanding moms who have invested their time in home renovations. Going through all that stress is not easy, When factoring in playdates, school plays, soccer games, and doctor appointments, among many other things, we know that the moms who multitask are the real MVPs.

For all the hardworking Houston moms, we highlighted for you four important renovation tips to take into consideration in order to relieve stress.

Time Management

Renovations takes too much time. Hiring a reliable contractor like The LaRocque Group Kitchen and Bath will save you the hassles of planning and give you the peace of mind that the job is being done the way it should be. The LaRocque Group is a one-stop shop for your entire renovation. You don’t need to speak to suppliers, get approvals on your own, or look for an external designer.

Think About Longevity

When you’re considering redesigning your family home, take into consideration the wear and tear the room will be going through. With kids running around, you’ll want to select surfaces that can be cleaned easily and take a beating. For kitchen reconstruction, check out quartz countertops. These are easy to clean, stain-proof, and exceptionally scratch safe, ideal for kitchen experiments and family cooking time! For your restroom, consider lightly textured porcelain tiles for the floor. Porcelain is extremely strong and finished surfaces will help reduce the chances of slipping!

Create Kid-Safe Spaces

Renovations can upset even the most composed family. It’s essential to make a space where children can go to continue their everyday schedules without too much interruption. For example, if you’re considering a kitchen renovation, make certain to have a microwave, mini fridge, and even a crockpot or pressure cooker in a place away from the renovation site so that you and your family have some place to make small meals and store cooking items.

Have an Escape Plan

Sometimes, you just need to take a break from your renovation, especially if it involves children. Overstimulation and routine interruption can definitely create a headache! Try to set up a spot away from your home that you and your family can run to if you need a breather from the remodeling. Whether it be a neighbor’s apartment, family member’s house, or even a hotel, a quiet space to refresh and regroup will be a relief for everyone!

Hopefully, these quick tips will help you when you decide to start your home remodeling.  If you are eager to know about how The LaRocque Group in Houston, TX can help you with your remodel, contact us for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with one of our impressive designers!